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03/08/2011 - OPV Case study

Solar energy start-up Eight19 was formed in 2010 as a spin-out from Cambridge University to bring to commercial reality pioneering work in plastic solar technologies originally developed at the university’s internationally renowned Cavendish Laboratory.  The company is developing a new generation of low-cost, flexible solar cells that have the potential to dramatically reduce the manufacturing cost and increase the throughput of solar technology for volume markets. 

Following investment of £4.5m by the Carbon Trust and French chemical company Rhodia SA, Bailey Fisher Executive Search was appointed to manage the search for a CEO to lead Eight19 in a period of ambitious growth.   The search resulted in the appointment of Simon Bransfield-Garth, who brings 25 years’ experience building rapid growth technology-based businesses globally, in sectors including semiconductors, mobile phones and automotive.  

“Simon has quickly built a trusting and effective working relationship with the existing technology and academic team.  He was able to leverage his previous experience in a different industry to come up with a business model that is new to the solar industry and has been getting very positive feedback.  Simon sets a tone of great professionalism for the whole management team: board meetings are a pleasure! He has become a highly-effective advocate for the company, giving numerous presentations at conferences and proactively engaging with key industry stakeholders.”

Robert Trezona, Head of R&D, Carbon Trust

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