A global challenge

The UK has one of the most advanced technology sectors in the world, with an enviable track record of success. Despite a challenging global economy and unprecedented market conditions, the UK’s seed and growth stage technology companies continue to shine, raising record investment and improving so many people’s lives. With a start-up/scale-up ecosystem now worth nearly £600bn, there’s no better time to be working in technology in the UK.

Bailey Fisher has been deeply embedded in the UK’s growth technology sector for 25 years – helping build the boards and leadership teams that companies need to harness their potential, turn their revolutionary technologies into game-changing products and services, and cause real market disruption.

Deep tech executive search

Based in Cambridge – one of the most exciting and innovative technology ecosystems in the world – we’re right at the heart of the deep tech community, specialising in executive search for IP rich companies at all stages of growth from start-up to exit, as they develop and commercialise technologies that tackle some of the biggest challenges globally.

The companies we support are founded on real and meaningful innovation in science or engineering; set apart by their potential to rewrite the rule book for how we live our lives. From artificial intelligence and machine learning, to biotechnology, robotics, haptics, photonics and quantum computing, blockchain, drones and more, the deep tech companies we work with span many areas of technological innovation and drive change across diverse applications and industries.  

Catalysts for growth

Competition for talent in this field is fiercer than ever, as more and more industries turn to technology to meet the challenges they face. As leadership requirements become more specialised, technology more advanced, and customers more global, securing the right executives to drive your company to success is more complex than ever.

Our rich experience, hiring impactful leaders for the best technology businesses to have emerged from the Cambridge cluster over the past two decades, has given us a particular understanding of the different make-up of successful boards and leadership teams at all stages of growth. This is what we bring to our clients across the UK. 

Proven expertise

We’ve built a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by scaling technology companies, and this goes far beyond tech executive recruitment. From fundraising and product development, to commercial penetration and market entry, we fully appreciate the difficulties rapid growth businesses will face on the journey, and how these are inherently linked to their leadership needs.  

We support our clients with board, C-Suite and leadership roles including Chair, NED, CEO, CFO, COO, CCO, CBO, CTO, CPO, CMO, Head of Talent, Chief People Officer, Managing Director, FD, Operations Director, Business Development Director, Software Director, Director of Engineering, Marketing Director, HR Director, VP Software, VP Engineering, and VP Product. 

Our expertise is proven across the entire technology spectrum, having successfully identified and secured highly impactful leaders across a vast range of markets. From semiconductors to SaaS, AI and machine learning to cleantech, gaming to graphene – our clients are united by their cutting-edge, IP-rich technology and an ambition to change the world.

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