SolasCure raises £10.9m Series B

Written by Helen

28 / 03 / 2023

SolasCure, a Cambridge-based biotechnology company developing innovative wound care products to improve outcomes for patients with chronic wounds, has announced the completion of its £10.9m ($13.3m) Series B investment round, led by Seneca Partners. The round also included BRAIN Biotech AG, EVA Pharma, Jonathan Milner and Wealth Club.

The funding will support the development of SolasCure's Aurase Wound Gel, a hydrogel containing an enzyme cloned from medical maggots which aims to accelerate wound debridement, and is due to enter further Phase II trials. 

SolasCure was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from BRAIN Biotech AG, a leading German biotech company focused on harnessing biological diversity to develop innovative solutions.

SolasCure announces final closing of its Series B investment round to advance wound care innovation