Why Bailey Fisher?

Cambridge-based, global outlook

We’ve spent almost 25 years embedded in the Cambridge technology cluster, building boards and leadership teams for some of the UK’s most innovative companies as they compete on the global market.

Cambridge is one of the fastest growing technology and life sciences ecosystems in the world and a magnet for deep tech.  Rich in world-leading innovation, with a first-class University, Cambridge is home to a host of unicorn companies and future unicorns.  Success stories include ARM, now valued at $32 billion; and CMR Surgical, which in 2021 raised $600m Series D, the largest ever med tech private funding round worldwide. And Cambridge is within an hour of London, the third biggest tech hub globally, and the epicentre of what is now being hailed as New Palo Alto

“Bailey Fisher are a key part of the Cambridge tech ecosystem.”

“If anyone is moving to Cambridge and wants to work in the tech or life science space then they have to talk to Bailey Fisher.”

Niche focus

Immersed in this vibrant ecosystem, we’ve spent over two decades focusing exclusively on executive search for growth technology and life sciences businesses. This has enabled us to become experts in our field, with a unique insight into the make-up of successful boards and leadership teams – at every stage of growth. 

“Bailey Fisher certainly understand the journey these growth companies are going on.”

Proven expertise

Our experienced team has worked together for many years. We’ve built boards, C-Suite and leadership teams for the UK’s most disruptive companies, as they develop and commercialise technologies that address some of the world’s biggest challenges. Hiring across technology and life sciences - from deep tech to health tech; clean energy to communications; artificial intelligence to enterprise software - we know what it takes to be a leader in this field.

“Bailey Fisher are particularly expert in knowing the type of people needed in growth-stage businesses.” 

"I have no doubts - they completely understand what a tech business needs."

Deep research

We’ve honed our executive search processes over many years and have developed a hybrid mix of traditional executive search practices and next-generation technologies, to bring our clients the best candidates from across the globe. 

“Bailey Fisher are very knowledgeable about the tech space and understand the leadership of these organisations well.”

Communication and collaboration

Open communication is at the heart of how we run our business and partner with our clients, candidates and the wider technology community.  We take the time to really get to know our clients' business, vision and barriers to growth, so that we can work in partnership to achieve a common goal. 

“Bailey Fisher really do know their clients and it’s a true strength.” 

“They understand the client better than anybody.” 


We’re passionate about fulfilling potential - for ourselves, our business and our clients. We're proud of the role we continue to play in the growth and success of the tech ecosystem, and we're passionate about supporting our clients as they develop the technologies that keep Cambridge and the UK at the forefront of innovation worldwide.


We support our clients with board, C-Suite and leadership hires including Chair, NED, CEO, CFO, COO, CCO, CBO, CTO, CPO, CMO, Head of Talent, Chief People Officer, Managing Director, FD, Operations Director, Business Development Director, Software Director, Director of Engineering, Marketing Director, HR Director, VP Software, VP Engineering, VP Product.

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